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Ultra HC-400 Binding Machine

Ultra HC-400 Binding Machine

This binding machine is capable of constructing “half-cap buckets” for single-sided beds with the thickest of border materials. As new materials and styles enter the mattress market, the need for thicker and denser materials is becoming more common. Don’t limit your product design by lesser machine limitations. The Ultra HC-401 binding machine is designed to join thick border materials and non-woven panels for strong single-sided buckets.
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Model Ultra HC-400
Max sewing speed 3200 rpm
Recommended sewing speed 3000 rpm
Stitches per inch 4 - 5 (6.4 - 5mm stitch)
Presser foot height 12mm
Needle type 135mm x 17mm
Needle size 22mm - 24mm
Voltage/Phase 220/1
Current 15 amps
Air pressure 5.5 bar
Air consumption 3 L/min
Production 1 unit/min
Max thickness 64mm
Min thickness Flat
Shipping dimensions (L x W x H) 1499 x 864 x 1295