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H42 Polypropylene Combination Tool

H42 Polypropylene Combination Tool

The H-42 combination tool is used to tension, seal with a UP12/UP16 seal and cut With the cogwheel to drive the windlass tensioner guarantees high tension on either a 12mm or a 16mm polypropylene strap.
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Tensions, cuts and seals all in one Light weight Affordable & easy to maintain Heavy duty polypropylene combination tool For continuous use, 12mm or 16mm Ratchet mechanism and gripper foot For strapping small cartons, packages & pallet tops For use with semi-open seals for pp strapping

Model H42 PP Combination Tool
Functionality Tensions, seals and cuts
Strap Compatibility Polypropylene Strapping
Strap Size 12mm or 16mm