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TP 733H

TP 733H

The enhanced TP-733H provides accurate strapping output on all natural-sized loads with consistent performance. It maximizes the productivity and minimizes the production cost for users. Designed for simple and quick connection to the master control system, TP-733H can easily fit in various end-of-line packaging sectors. It is your best choice for fully automatic operation in various applications, including palletized products, home appliance, bricks & blocks, etc. Both Polypropylene and PET strapping can be used with the TP7-33H, depending on the application.
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- ARES TP-733-SH strapping head
- Index strapping head
- Strap guide arm
- Safety rack
- Friction weld sealing technology
- Siemens PLC and HMI
- Free access to strap guides
- Swivel dispenser set
- Adjustable sealing and cooling time
- Strap end ejector
- Preprogram setting
- Easy to retrofit
- Options

  • Floating Head
  • Free standing operation desk
  • Light tower with low strap sensor
  • Dual channel E-Stop
  • Lower tension range (200 - 1200 N)
  • HMI and PLC mounted on the opposite side
  • Auto strap program selecting (BCD input)
  • No safety rack
  • 200 mm / 280 mm strap dispenser
  • Uplifted support