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tesa Softprint® 72024 Steelmaster

tesa Softprint® 72024 Steelmaster

The tesa Softprint 72024 Steelmaster is a foam plate mounting tape. It is used for mounting 1,14 mm and 1,70 mm flexographic printing plates onto steel / alu / PU and glassine cylinders tesa print®plate mounting tapes with film or cloth backings are used whenever a cushion is not required. The cushioning foams are for high-quality flexo printing on corrugated board.
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- Double-sided foam tapeFoam properties
- Low thickness tolerance
- Long lasting, constant recovery characteristicsAdhesive properties
- High tack surface characteristics
- Fair plate bonding
- Fair plate demounting
- Sufficient tape bonding towards sleeve side Additional property
- Structured PP-liner to prevent formation of air pockets when the plate is mounted

Type of adhesive Tackified acrylic
Type of liner PP
Hardness Soft
Total thickness 550 m
Backing Material PE foam with film lamination
Thickness category 500 m
Logo Colour Purple