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TEC 3400 Hot Melt Industrial Glue Gun

TEC 3400 Hot Melt Industrial Glue Gun

The TEC 3400 industrial glue gun is the culmination of years of research and development on glue gun technology from Power Adhesives. The TEC 3400 replaces the wildly popular TEC 3200 and offers a number of nice upgrades. This industrial hot melt applicator uses 1x 43mm glue slugs and is all electric which means you do not need an air compressor to run it. It’s a Smart Gun. The TEC 3400 knows when you are dispensing faster and more often and boosts power to the heater to catch up with the increased demand. It’s an Eco Friendly Gun. During periods of non-use, the TEC 3400 automatically reduces the temperature until finally the gun is switched off after 2 hours. Pulling the trigger will restart the gun and it will quickly regain temperature for use. It Can Diagnose Problems. This is one of the most dependable industrial glue guns on the market. If there ever is an issue, the TEC 3400 can now detect errors and notify the user using a flashing indicator light to insure safety to the user and any additional damage that may be caused to the gun.
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Model TEC 3400
Power 120V, 230V
Wattage 400W
Melt Rate 3.8 kg/hr
Glue Size 43mm Glue Slug
Weight 1.15 kg
Power Cable 3m