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Signode VT Brick Combination Tool

Signode VT Brick Combination Tool

The VT-Brick is a pneumatic sealless Friction-Weld combination tool that yields high joint strengths and tension, making it ideal for brick and concrete paver cubes that tend to shift and settle during shipping and handling. The lightest tools in their class, the VT tools also feature fast cycle times, easy operation and minimal maintenance. Uses PET Strapping.
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Easy to operate Two-strap loading Two-button operation The only tool with built-in weld cool time Easy to remove from strap after cycling The lightest tool in its class- 4.3 kg Superior performance Fast cycle time Applies over 3600 N of tension High-strength friction weld Simple to operate No adjustments necessary Few wear parts to replace Worn parts can be replaced in minutes Durable, all metal and alloy parts provide long lasting, low-maintenance operation. 16mm polyester strapping