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Senco GT90CH Cordless

Senco GT90CH Cordless

The GT90CH cordless clipped head gas framer combines the convenience of a cordless tool with the power and utility of a pneumatic framing nailer. This well-balanced framing nailer has the power to complete all of your framing and sheathing job requirements. Perfect for framing crews, re-modelers, punch-out or service crews who need to un-tether from the hassle of a hose and compressor. Built with components that ensure all day durability and reliability, the GT90CH comes with 2 Ni-MH batteries, battery charger, service tools, durable plastic case, and features a 2-year limited warranty.
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Cordless convenience - no hoses, no compressors, no hassles. Navigate the job site with no restrictions Powerful motor - high-voltage ignition gives you more power and cleaner combustion Consistent drives In all Weather conditions - performs optimally between -7° to 49°C Durable metal magazine - rugged design outlasts plastic Tool-free, metal thumbwheel depth-of-drive - easily control fastener depth with no tool required ApplicationsTruss building, framing, sub-flooring, sheathing and decks. Other applications include crate and box assembly, pallet making and fencing. Great for any application where cordless convenience would be a benefit.

Model GT90CH Cordless
Tool type Strip Nailer
Fastener type CH stripnails
Firing actuation Restrictive
Tool dimensions (LxWxH) 371.5x107x375.5 mm
Fastener length 50-90 mm
Voltage (ac) 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Battery type Ni-Mh
Battery voltage 6.00 V
Battery ampere rating 1.65 Ah
Recharge time 100% 120 minutes
Shots per charge 3 300
Number of batteries in kit 2 pieces
Fuel cell Yes
Length fuel cell 165.00 mm
Shots per fuel cell 1 400
Fuel cell type 40 gram
Collation angle 34º