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Senco Finish Pro 18

Senco Finish Pro 18

FinishPro®18Mg's magnesium body delivers an ultra light tool with SENCO dependability. The oil free design, selective trigger, rear exhaust and rotating belt hook combine to provide a tool that will perform the toughest jobs while delivering professional results and comfortable operation. It drives 1,2mm brads (AX) ranging in length from 16mm to 50mm.
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Magnesium main body - provides a durable and ultra-light tool for comfortable extended use Oil free motor eliminates oil carryover onto the work surface protecting your hard work Metal cylinder for increased durability Selectable trigger lets you control the fastening method with the flip of a switch Rotatable rear exhaust and belt hook keeps dust and debris off the work surface while keeping your tool at the ready Over-molded rubber grip, swivel plug and reload indicator will keep you working comfortably and efficiently throughout the day


Chair Rail, baseboards, ornamentals, cabinetry, furniture repair, small trim, craft assembly.

Tool type FinishPro18Mg
Fastener Type Brads
Firing actuation Dual
Air consumption (at 60 shots per minute) 68.00 l/m
Fastener gauge 18.00 ga.
Oil free lubrication Yes
Includes case Yes
Tool dimensions (LxWxH) 266.7×63.5×247.6 mm
Fastener length 16-50 mm
Collation angle
Air inlet 1/4″ female NPT
Net weight 1.10kg