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R20 PRO Thermal Inkjet Printer

R20 PRO Thermal Inkjet Printer

The RYNAN R20 PRO is the next generation of RYNAN TIJ printers. With a 7" touch screen controller that connects up to two print heads (TIJ 2.5 technology) that is capable of high-speed applications, the R20 printer control system is highly adaptable to your packaging printing needs.
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• Max 600dpi print quality

• Easy to use 7" Touch screen with intuitive WYSIWYG interface.

• Connects up to 2 printheads.

• Precision Printing: Experience unmatched print quality for text, graphics, barcodes, and intricate designs, boasting superior resolution and clarity.

• Versatile Application: From paper to plastics, metals to cardboard, the R20 PRO effortlessly prints on a wide array of surfaces, expanding your printing possibilities.

• Swift Efficiency: Speed up your production processes with rapid printing and coding capabilities, optimizing workflows and enhancing operational efficiency.

• Seamless Integration: Integrate the R20 PRO seamlessly into your existing systems, facilitating easy data transfer and workflow synchronization.

• Intuitive Operation: User-friendly controls and an intuitive interface make setup a breeze, ensuring effortless operation and minimal training requirements.

Printing Technology HP TIJ 2.5
Controller Dimensions 193 x 130.3 x 34.5 mm
Printhead Dimensions 216.4 x 49.1 x 65 mm
Controller Weight 888g
Print Head Weight 412.4g
Display 7" LCD Touch Screen
Power Supply AC 100V-240V, 50 / 60Hz, DC 24V 2.5A
Resolutions Max 600 DPI
Print Speed 76m / min @300x300 dpiV
Density 3 levels
Throw Distance 5mm