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R10 MAX Thermal Inkjet Printer

R10 MAX Thermal Inkjet Printer

R10 MAX: The next-generation touch screen state-of-the art universal printing system. Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of the Rynan R10 MAX, setting new benchmarks in printing and coding technology for businesses seeking top-tier performance and versatility.
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• User-friendly 5" touchscreen colour display with WYSIWYG graphical interface.

• Multi-Surface Adaptability: Versatile and adaptable, the R10 MAX flawlessly prints on various surfaces, including paper, cardboard, plastics, metals, and more, expanding your application possibilities.

• High-Speed Efficiency: Experience swift printing and coding processes, optimizing production workflows and boosting operational efficiency.

• Advanced Connectivity: Seamlessly integrate the R10 MAX into your existing systems, allowing for easy data transfer and workflow synchronization.

• Intuitive Interface: User-friendly controls and a streamlined interface ensure quick setup and effortless operation, minimizing training time and maximizing productivity.

Printing Technology 1 Inch TIJ
Controller Dimensions 155 x 107 x 40 mm
Printhead Dimensions 216.4 x 49.1 x 77.8 mm
Controller Weight 622g
Print Head Weight 430g
Display 5" LCD Touch Screen
Power Supply AC 100V-240V, 50 / 60Hz, DC 24V 2.5A
Resolutions Max 300 DPI
Print Speed 40m / min @300x300 dpi
Density 3 levels
Throw Distance 5mm