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MLA100 Manual Label Applicator

MLA100 Manual Label Applicator

MLA100 is a manual label applicator for round bottles. The roll of labels is places on a holder at the rear of the unit and the labels threaded through. Once the labels are in place and the applicator set for the diameter of the bottle, the operator places a bottle between the rollers and turns a handle. The MLA100 label applicator has a pointer to indicate the end of the label has been reached, making the operators’ task easier. The bottle is then removed and the next bottle inserted. The MLA100 works easily with transparent labels, as the pointer is set to point to a visible feature on the label, so that the operator knows when to stop rotating the handle. The MLA100 can be provided with custom rollers for recessed labels. It is quick to change rollers, making it easy to label a variety of bottles. The MLA100 uses the same frame as the LA125, and can be upgraded to semi-automatic operation at a later stage.
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Activation Handle normal on right (left side optional)

Minimum bottle diameter 30mm
Maximum bottle diameter 130mm
Dimensions 55 x 43 x 26 cm
Mass 8kg
Maximum label roll diameter 200mm
Maximum label roll width 130mm
Minimum label length 25mm
Maximum label length 300mm
Bottle material Glass, tin, plastic
Label core diameter 40mm standard
Label type Normal or Transparent
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