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PET Strap

PET Strap

PET Strap (polyethylene terephthalate strap also known as polyester strap) is often used where formerly steel strap was applied. PET has different characteristics compared to general Polypropylene strapping (also known as PP strap) such as it's retention capabilities. Closing of PET takes place by means of serrated seals, or friction seal with a PET batter combination tool such as our STB, BXT or Kronos ranges or fully-automatic strapping machines.
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- Retention :- PET strap has a high retention which enables it to maintain strap tension through retention. These retention charactaristics are not observed in steel strapping, ti strap or PP strap.
- Weather resistance: It is virtually unaffected by weather conditions. It is also resistant to UV rays and holds tension even in extreme of temperature and humidity.
- Cost per meter: In comparison to steel strapping, PET strapping is much more affordable when comparing price per meter.
- Safe In Use:- PET strap creates a safer working environment as it has no sharp cutting edges which is found with steel strap and can lead to reducing injuries in packaging operation and reducing downtime due to injuries.