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Paragon M+ Chain Stitch Quilter

Paragon M+ Chain Stitch Quilter

Paragon M+ series machines are designed for all manufacturers where high-speed quilting is required. These machines are suitable for quilting extra-thick and heavy materials such as mattress panels, bedspreads, comforters, and sleeping bags. The Gribetz Paragon quilt machine, popular around the world for over 20 years, has been updated to include even more features to improve productivity and easier operations.
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- Optional Preventative Maintenance software - Keep your machine running longer and stronger with software to remind and record operators, critical maintenance operations
- Optional quick-set MHP handles - Makes material changes fast and easy to keep production moving well
- Easy-access end guards with large window opening - For easier regular maintenance tasks
- Separate CPU and monitor with Windows 7 operating system - Featuring independent computer and touchscreen
- Faster Tack & Jump sewing - Reliable T&J sewing at 1,200 rpm
- Posi-trim T&J ""tail"" control - Paragon M+ eliminates tails from top of panel

Model Paragon M+
Max speed 1500 rpm
Recommended speed 1250 rpm
Available widths 228.6 cm | 279.4 cm | 330.2 cm
Number of needle bars 3
Needle bar spacing 7.62 cm (between bars)
Needle spacing 2.54 cm
Needle size 180/140
Number of loopers 45
Looper bases 270
Stitch length 5 - 10 SPI
Recommended Stitch length 7 SPI
Quilt package Sews full range up to ultra-thick
Pattern compensation Yes
Equistitch Yes
Modern Yes
Carriage travel 30.5 cm
Air pressure 6.2 bar
Air consumption 1.2 cfm
Current (amps) 40, 60 or 70 (depending on voltage)
Voltage Any 3-phase voltage (includes multi-tap transformer)
CE approved Yes
Weight 6.237 kg