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Netlon Palnet

Netlon Palnet

Netlon Pallet Net (PalNet) is ideal for protecting and securing pallets of fresh produce or other products for transport and unitisation to point of sale. The pallet netting is commonly used with the 2000A Corebrake pallet wrapping machine.
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- Open mesh structure enables the load to be treated with liquid and
- gaseous coolants to accelerate freezing operations.
- Free circulation of air eliminates condensation and humidity build-up
- Excellent resistance to all chemicals, bacteria and fungi
- Conforms to unconventional shapes, but provides stability for double
- stacking
- Can be wrapped at high tension, without slipping or stretching
- Minimizes deterioration and premature fruit/vegetable ripening
- By restraining potentially harmful loads with PalNet:
- Pallets can be safely stored, handled and transported, as gasses are
- allowed to dissipate rather than be allowed to build up to lethal
- concentrations
- If necessary, treatments such as fumigation can be applied as they can penetrate and circulate