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Orbital Wrapper

Orbital Wrapper

The orbital wrapping machine, applies stretch film to a load supported on a vertical rotating ring. It passes the load through the ring's eye in a horizontal position. The load is either suspended within the rotating ring by hand, machinery or resting on a conveyor as it moves through the machine. The stretch on the film is achieved by creating tension between the load and film roll using a brake or gear ratio system.
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Various arch sizes available for medium to large goods. Belt driven rotation unit Clamp, smooth, cut and seals film automatically Continuous operating cycle by foot-control Photo eye controls the start and stop of wrap cycle PLC control with LCD text display, reliable performance and easy to use. Invert control working speed Variable frequency for soft start and soft stop position function. Easy to maintain and energy efficient CE Certified

Model Orbital Wrapper
Power 1P, AC 220V, 50Hz
Air Pressure 0.4~0.6 MPa
Rotating Speed 150 rpm
Film Width 76mm, 102mm, 127mm
Table Height 750 mm(adjustable)
Packaging Ability (Round Package) 102330mm
Packaging Ability (Rectangular Package) Width 102550 mm, Min.height 50 mm, Max.diagonal 560 mm
Machine Dimension L1249mm× W1315mm× H1593mm
Machine Weight 315 kgs