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MIP 2300 H/D Steel Strap Cutter

MIP 2300 H/D Steel Strap Cutter

The MIP 2300 heavy duty steel strap cutter is specifically designed for 19mm - 32mm steel strapping. It can be used with, mild/bright steel strapping, galvanised steel strap,high-tensile black painted & waxed and zinc-coated steel strap. The MIP 2300 is a two handed steel cutter which is applied after the strapping has been tensioned and secured with a steel seal. The cutter is used with both hands and pressed together to make it cut. By cutting of the excess strapping it reduces the risk of injury caused by sharp edges.
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Long handles for extra leverage (44cm) Plastic grip handles for better comfort

Model MIP 2300
Tool Material Alloy Steel, Black Oxide Finish
Compatible Strap Steel & Plastic Strap
Strap Width 19mm - 50mm
Strap Thickness 0.38 mm - 1.27 mm
Overall Length 60.96 mm
Handle Length 44.45 mm
Weight 3.63 kg