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ME105 Mattress Packing System

ME105 Mattress Packing System

The ME105 may be the fastest wrapper in the mattress industry. It self-adjusts to accept varying unit sizes and its unique “Cold Seal” technology creates one of the best seals available. Depending on your product mix, it can package up to five units per minute! To keep up with the high productivity rate, it can hold up to five rolls of film. Many innovative, automatic features enable the ME105 to create a neat, high-quality appearance for your packaged product.
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- ""Cold Seal"" technology eliminates heat from the top bar, reducing poor seals & wiring failures.
- New, optional dual-height seal bars reduce the use of excess film & eliminate the need for different-sized film rolls. Seal bars can easily adapt to seal tall mattresses or low profile mattress toppers without wasting film.
- Self-adjusting system accepts mixed product length, width & thickness in any sequence.
- Smooth & fast movement.
- Standard-sized mattresses can be packaged in as fast as 12 seconds.
- Auto side compression system for tight, secure, film-encased mattress.
- Detects thickness of every mattress, ensuring a snug wrap for every height & size of product.
- Comes standard with five-roll film storage capacity.
- Automatic film side trim yields a neatly finished packaged mattress.
- Includes Boot Film

Model ME105 Mattress Packing System
Max width of infeed 220 cm
Min width of infeed 200 cm
Max height under pressure roller 50cm
Roll capacity, top & bottom 5 rolls
Infeed/outfeed conveyor height 89 cm
Overall height 191 cm
Max film width 305 cm
Film width top 305 cm
Film width bottom 305 cm
Boot roll diameter 25 - 30 cm
Voltage 230V, 1 Phase
Current 30 amp
Air consumption 35 CFM
Air pressure 6 bar
Machine weight 6904 kg
Unit production/min Up to 5