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H26 Ratchet Strap Tensioner

H26 Ratchet Strap Tensioner

The H26 Ratchet Strap Tensioner is a heavy duty type tensioner and is made of alloy steel. It is used with composite strap, PET strap and poly-woven strap for heavier strapping applications which ensure that the correct amount of tension is applied to secure the load safely. The H-26 is larger than the H-21 ratchet tensioner which is used for light to medium duty strap applications.
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Machining made of alloy steel Heavy duty range Strap width: 25 mm-40 mm

Model H26 Tensioner
Operation Mechanical / Manual
Functionality Tensions & cuts strap
Materials Alloy Steel
Strap Compatibility Polypropylene Strapping, PET Strap, Polyester Woven Strap, Composite Strap
Strap Size 25mm - 40mm