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Everwin PS50 Pneumatic Plier Stapler

Everwin PS50 Pneumatic Plier Stapler

The Everwin PS50 plier stapler is in a line of heavy-duty plier staplers for professional users. Characteristic for these tools is their minimal noise, rapid stapling, low weight and good balance. The design of the anvil allows the material to be handled with care. The Everwin PS50 plier stapler is primarily intended for stapling of packaging such as packages, bags, sheets, sacks and various types of fabric, but is also ideal for such applications as industrial stapling and the joining of different materials. The tool is ideal for stapling to Pallets, Drums, Boxes, Furniture, Frames, General Construction, Vinyl Siding, Framing and sheathing.
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Standard Equipped Air-flow Adjust Port Ergonomic Handle and Robust Gravity Casted frame Powerful Shuttle Blade for Pre-Compression prior to and during operation Ideal for High Volume Production Curved Anvils available for various applications (CR / CL / DR / DL / B Type Anvils Available) Applications Corrugated Containers Vegetable Tray Boxes Container Inserts Pallet Boxes End Caps General Furniture Manufacture

Model PS50
Tool Weight 2.2kg/4.8 lbs
Tool Dimensions (L x W x H) 370 mm x 55 mm x 240 mm
Trigger Type Trigger Actuation
Operating Pressure 36 to 55 PSI (2.5-3.8bar)
Air Inlet NPT 3/8'
Capacity 100250 Staple