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Everwin PN100 Coil Nailer

Everwin PN100 Coil Nailer

The Everwin PN100 Coil Nailer is designed to drive up to a 100 mm coil nail. Built for high speed operations and designed to handle the toughest production applications. For boxes, crates, carton-to-skid, and pallet applications.
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- Sufficient driving energy for powerful heavy duty applications
- High speed operation for fast cycle time which boosts efficiency
- Optional aux side handle for absorbing shock
- Robust design for proven durability
- Optional safety & convenience accessories such as a tool hanger and 3mm nose shroud
- Metal nail tray which is extreme reliable and wear proof
- Metal body protector helps prevent drag and tear wear on the tool frame
- Applications
- Pallet Assembly
- Crate Assembly
- Drum Construction
- Mattress Box Assembly
- Manufactured Housing
- Bedding

Weight 5.5 kgs (12.1 lbs)
Height 417mm (16.4')
Width 156mm (6.1')
Length 338mm (13.3')
Operating Pressure 58 bar (70120 psi)
Driving Power (in-lbs @100psi) 1470
Air Consumption (L/sec @90psi) 3.2 (6.8 cfm)