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Everwin FS9040 Pneumatic Stapler

Everwin FS9040 Pneumatic Stapler

The Everwin FS9040 stapler features a open nose design to clear staple jams, the FS9040 pneumatic stapler is the premier 18-gauge stapler on the market used in various stapling applications. The one-piece contact tip and narrow staple guide is designed for tight placement and its short staple guide is perfect for furniture and upholstery applications.
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- Tool free jam clearance minimizes downtime
- Angled nose bolts boosts the tools longevity
- Wraparound safety boosts versatility and simplifies operation from all angles
- Robust construction withstands industrial environment
- Pinch-free ergonomic trigger ensures comfortable operation
- Aluminium extruded bottom load magazine for ease of jam clearance with shock-absorbent back cover
- Reload indicator with dryfire lockout directs the debris away from the operator
- Two trigger options available FS9040-ST (Sequential) / FS9040-CT (Contact)

Model FS9040
Dimensions (L x W x H) 240mm x 60mm x 235mm
Operating Pressure 5 - 7 bar (70 - 100 psi)
Driving Power 188 In-lbs @ 100 psi
Loading Capacity 100
Weight 1.6kg
Applications Trim work, Furniture Building, other finishing applications.