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Oubao Cordless Angle Grinder OB801J

Oubao Cordless Angle Grinder OB801J

The Oubao OB801J is a brushless, Li-ion cordless angle grinder with a heavy duty motor for tough jobs. It has a comfortable handle which makes it easier to handle for longer periods and a quick charger to maximise efficiency. It comes standard with 2 batteries so that work can continue while the other battery is on charge.
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Battery Voltage: 20V
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion battery
Battery Capacity:2.0Ah/4.0Ah
Charger Model:CD2002
Battery Model:LT2020/LT2040

1.Tools: 1
2.Li-lon Battery : 2
3.Charger: 1
4.Instruction: 1
5. work-box: 1