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BPT-L19 Battery Operated Steel Strapping Combination Tool

BPT-L19 Battery Operated Steel Strapping Combination Tool

The Signode BPT-L19 Battery Operated Steel Strapping Combination tool has been designed to overcome multiple challenges when using steel strapping to package your goods. The L19 has a single notch sealer used with either a regular or high tensile strap. It has been recommended for round and irregular bundle shapes. The BPT-L19 has the power to replace a pneumatic tool and get more consistent strap cycles making your bundles more secure.
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- Mobility of the strapping tool
- No variations due to fluctuation in the air system
- Accurate and reproducible strap tensioning and sealing
- Increased efficiency with up to 500 cycles per battery charge
- Real time indication of strap status and visual acoustic signals

Model BPT-L19
Operation mode Automatic / Semi-automatic / Manual Toggle
Tension force range 400 N - 3000 N
Tension speed 135 mm/s
Weight (Including battery) 4.5 kg
Dimensions with bow (L x W x H) 390 mm x 150 mm x 140 mm
Working temperature -10°C to + 40°C
Relative humidity Up to 90%
Seal type Single notch
Battery / Charger Bosch
Battery charger voltage 100 V, 110 V or 230 V
Charging time 4Ah: 30min (80%) - 50min
Battery type (Standard) Bosch Li-ion ProCORE 18V, 4.0 Ah
Cycles per battery charge 4 Ah = ca. 500
Strap width 13 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm
Strap thickness 0,40 mm - 0,63 mm