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BMS-1500 Mattress Border System

BMS-1500 Mattress Border System

The BMS-1500 Mattress Border System is a versatile mattress border system which enables you to easily adapt to changing market trends. A single sewing head and base machine is designed to accept affordable interchangeable components to add decorative border ribbon materials, border zippers, join varying materials or create Cinch-loc® ruffled mattress gussets.
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- Start with any of the following machines and add associated modular components as needed:
- PRM-1500 Automatic Ribbon Machine
- PJM-1500 Border Material Joiner
- PZM-1500 Automatic Zipper Machine
- PCL-1500 Cinch-loc Pillowtop Gusset machine Addition interchangeable components can produce the following border features:
- Faux pillowtop production
- handle straps
- insert 3-D mesh
- add welt cord trim Bedding industry trends can change rapidly. The BMS-1500 system is designed to allow you to start with a machine that constructs the border styles your customers currently need, and as needs change, you can bolt on different fixtures to produce new styles.
- This can save you money since you won't have to invest in an entirely new machine with every new change, and operator training is minimal as all the automated processes are based on the same core machine.

Model BMS-1500 Modular System
Stitch type Chainstitch (needle configuration depends on application)
Max sewing speed 2200 rpm
Recommended sewing speed 2000 rpm
Presser foot height 7.94mm
Needle type 62 x 57
Needle size 23
Needle Height 7.94mm
Voltage/Phase 220/1 (Alternative voltage available)
Current 5 amps
Air pressure 5.5 bar
Air consumption 2 cfn
Max thickness 12.7mm
Shipping dimensions (L x W x H) 3150mm x 1450mm x 1900mm