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Black Painted & Waxed Strapping

Black Painted & Waxed Strapping

Black painted and waxed strapping, is a high tensile black coated steel strap that is mainly used in heavy duty applications where plastic strapping or PET strapping is not applicable. Our black painted strapping comes in various sizes and can either be a ribbon wound roll or oscillated roll. The ribbon wound rolls are roughly half the weight of the oscillated rolls making it easier to move around without a dispenser. Applications can vary from strapping pipes, cold rolled steel coils, steel beams, steel tubes and many more applications where a heavy duty strap is required. The steel strap can also be used with either manual, battery powered or pneumatic tools.
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- High-tensile improves load stability
- Coating reduces potential rust as long as the coat is not damaged
- Harder than bright/mild & galvanized steel strapping