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BC-200M Border Measure, Cut and Mark Machine

BC-200M Border Measure, Cut and Mark Machine

The BC-200M programmable, automatic border measure, mark, and cut system easily produces exact border and gusset sections. Replace old peg-and-scissor methods with this precise, high-speed system. This fully automated system increases daily production and reduces labor expenses
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- Touch screen interface
- Can handle to up 99 SKU’s
- High-speed accuracy to +/- 1/8' (3 mm)
- Marking system
- Material: Up to ½' (12.7 mm)
- Footprint: 87' × 32' (2.2 m × .81 m)
- Yield: Up to 120 ft/minute
- Rotary Marker Assembly.
- Computerized system can store various product dimensions for easy size selections and executing batch run quantities.
- Digital servo control nip roll and marking.
- AC gearhead motor unwinding for extreme accuracy.
- Optional V notch unit available

Model BC-200M Border Measure, Cut and Mark Machine
Max fan speed 24m/min
Approximate cycle time per queen Measure/cut only, 15 seconds
Max material thickness 12.7 mm
Min material thickness Flat
Max material width Up to 560 mm
Yield Up to 4 units/min
Accuracy 3mm
Max number of products Up to 99 SKU’s
Voltage 220V (alternative voltages available)
Boot roll diameter 25 - 30 cm
Voltage 220V (alternative voltages available)
Current 6 amp
Air Pressure 5.5 bar
Air consumption 0.5 cfm
Weight 476 kg
Shipping dimensions 241 cm x 130 cm x 201 cm