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Ann Chain AC03 Pneumatic Hog Ringer

Ann Chain AC03 Pneumatic Hog Ringer

The Pneumatic C-Ring tool AC03 is produced for C-Rings diameter 15 gauge (0.071’’/ 1.80 mm), which material available from galvanized and variety of wire material. If tight closure required, we like to propose AC03 C-Ring Tool. Applications: Mattress assembly, car seat manufacture, fencing and building construction.
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Confortable handle for a consistant usage and firm grip Light to handle (1.47 kg)

Model AC03
Tool Type Pneumatic Hog Ringer
Fastener Type Hog Rings
Dimensions (L x W x H) 325 mm x 100 mm x 200mm
Weight 1.47 kgs
Air Pressure 90 - 110 PSI (6 - 7 bars)
Magazine Load Capacity 100 - 120 pcs