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A2000 Automatic Label Applicator

A2000 Automatic Label Applicator

The A2000 label applicator can stick 1 or 2 labels on a round container at the same time. It is a highly reliable and convenient machine. It is easy to work with and an economical option.  With the capacity of applying up to 1500 labels per hour, it is the perfect applicator for small to medium production lines.
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Model A2000
Power Supply IP 220V 50Hz 400W
Air Pressure 2 - 5kg/cm2
Applicator Container Range (H) 40-200mm, (W) 25-100mm
Applicable material Adhesive Sticker
Applicable Label range (L x H) 15-300 mm x 15-120 mm
Space between labels 3mm
Label scroll (Diameter ¢) Inner¢76mm,Outer¢280mm
Direction of label scroll Clockwise
One label speed 0-25pcs/min (depends on the bottle size and label length)
Two labels speed 0-15pcs/min (depends on the bottle size and label length)
One label precision 土 1 mm (except container error)
Two label precision 土 1.5 mm (except container error)
Table height 950 mm
Machine dimension (L x W x H) 800mm x 100mm x 700mm