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2000BW Pallet Jack Pallet Wrapper

2000BW Pallet Jack Pallet Wrapper

The 2000BW wrapper is a semi-automatic stretch wrapper with a Pre-Stretch film system. It has the capability to stretch the film 150-250%, therefore an aggressive stretch option, which will reduce stretch film consumption. The opening in the turntable makes a ramp redundant. Used with the Bidvest Afcom stretch film calculator we are able to calculate the lowest cost per pack for your application.
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- Semi-auto stretch wrapper with a pre-stretch film system
- Auto pallet height sensor - standard
- Programmable wrap cycles & touch pad control system
- Nylon links & bearings for reduced noise emissions
- Minimal servicing required & spares/technical support assured from any Bidvest Afcom branch workshop
- Delivery, commissioning & staff training handover generally included

Power Voltage 1 P AC 220/110V 50/60 Hz
Speed of turntable 0~10r/min
Diameter of Turntable -
Power pre-stretch 240%
Max Load Capacity 1.5 tons
Max wrapping height 800mm x 1200mm
Noise ≤75DB
Turntable Diameter 1.5m
Mast Height 2.4m, 3m